Monday, October 17, 2005

Pie, Laughter, and the Internet

Ok, first off, very successful weekend work wise. I designed my professional website and have a pretty solid and original design. I only have two pages done, but now that I know how to do everything the rest will go by fast. Check it out at and tell me what you think.

Hmmmm, what else? Oh yeah! I ate Chocolate Mousse Pie with whipped cream, cookie crust, and shaved chocolate on top.

Katelyn's mom said one the most akward things ever yesterday. I was showing her a sketch that I drew for school. It is a drafting compass, and on the compass is vertical lettering that clearly says the brand that makes the compass. On either side of the lettering is a screw that hold the compass together. Because the drawing is scanned the line weights varied from the original. So she claimed I drew a face on the compass to show a technical object with my own creative style. No I definitely didn't. All of a sudden Katelyn and I twisted what the screws and lettering looked like and burst out laughing. Then Katelyn's mom just out of the blue says, "It's like a little guy popping out at me!" That made it all the better lol.

So I decided to compile a list of funny things Katelyn's Parents have said:
1. T: "It's so thick! The weight of it!"
2. T: "Come on Katelyn, the boy wants a piece!"
3. B: "I pounded your breast."
4. B: "You guys are fucking gay."
5. T: "It's like a little guy popping out at me!"

If I remember more I'll post them.

Random side note:
"Do you want to get married and run away..."


At 6:48 AM, Blogger Neeeee said...

LEVER...B! Your website looks nice even though it's under CONSTRUCT...ion. And something smells like feet and I can't figure out what.


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