Monday, October 24, 2005

Big Grunts

Weekend Update!!!

The Good
  1. I visited colleges with Katelyn and she found a school she likes almost as much as Bay Path.
  2. On Sunday my family and I ate breakfast together for the first time in months. It was excellent.
  3. Katelyn got a ton of sleep this weekend!!!
  4. Lost Lost Lost!!!
  5. Missy did well in her horse show considering the fact that she has only ridden this horse like three times. Nice job Missa Sue!!!
  6. The Audi works again. Yay!
  7. Kalen is awesome!!!
  8. Caramel Hershey Kisses on Pretzels with Toffee Chunks!!!

The Bad

  1. I wanted to hang out with Nick on Sunday, but he was not available when I called. His cell phone went right to voice mail and his mom told me he wasn't home. He must have been out late Saturday night, which is understandable. Nick is the man and has always been there for me through out the years as a friend. Whatever the case was however, I didn't have any solid plans so my dad dragged me out into the cold rain and we fixed cars against my will instead.
  2. I had to fix cars in the freezing rain all day!!!
  3. Why can't I just know who that stupid guy is?!?!?!
  4. Matt is my roommate and he is a grunkus
  5. Katelyn was a wee bit grumpy on Friday because her parents are wicked mean to her!!! So I didn't get my "run and jump into my arms" hug that I longed for all last week. I know it seems selfish, but it's wicked lonely here because Matt is a grunkus.
  6. Ok Ok, this is the last one! Matt is a grunkus.


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