Wednesday, October 26, 2005



Q: What exactly do you do at Wentworth?
A: Sketch for hours, listen to a lot of music, talk on aim, occasionally play some cool riff (Doors!), complain about Matt via blog, drink juice, and most importantly talk to Kalen (Believe me I would have gone insane by now).

Q: How many cheeks does a person have?
A: Four, definitely four.

Q: What type of coffee do you drink?
A: Hmmm, I don't.

Q: If you could turn into anything what would become?
A: A Peregrin Falcon because they are mighty fast I could go home right now and talk to everyone instead of writing in this blog.

Q: What is a Grunkus, seriously?
A: Well originally it was going to be something cool. I was going to suggest it for a monster for Nick's game, but I needed a nickname for Matt.

Q: What do you have against Matt???
A: Well, right now its the fact that I caught him talking behind my back. He is just really shallow and can't formulate an opinion of his own. When he is with me he acts like I'm the greatest, but when someone else is in the room he bashes me without hesitation. Plus he is a slob and leaves everything everywhere in our dorm (that bike is coming out sometime soon). I've just been so fed up with him and his charades.

Q: What is the difference between Pacman and Ms. Pacman, really?
A: Well she has a small bow in her hair.

Q: Who is asking these questions?
A: Ah, well, uh, ok you got me I made all these questions up.

Q: So what are you going to do now that everyone knows that nobody frequently askes you anything and that your a weirdo with way to much time on your hands?
A: Same thing I always do, put on some tunes and sketch to my heart's content.

It's Over!!!!


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