Monday, October 31, 2005


It's Halloween again, and I don't have anything fun to do. I suppose I shall work on sketching and essay writing. At least I have some stowaway candy that managed to jump in my backpack when I wasn't looking (thanks mom).

So, there was an interesting and sad dream I had last night. I was with all the characters on the show Lost on their little uncharted island. Everytime I opened my cellphone to text Katelyn it didn't work. So the gang and I tromped through the jungle looking for stuff. All of a sudden a boat came and we were rescued. Everything should be happy right? Wrong. We all seem to be shunned by society. Everywhere we went everyone was mad at us for some reason. Then I saw Ted's family randomly so I walked over to see them. His dad kept trying to grope my butt. It was really weird so I punched him in the face. I met up with the rest of the castaways and talked to Jack, the leader of the Lost group and a doctor. He said he had to leave and go far away. So I asked for his phone number in case I needed a doctor. Weird. Feeling blue, I turned to my cellphone again and started to text Katelyn. To my alarm a shadowy figure with disgusting long, black, curly, and greasy hair, whom I'm not at liberty to identify but I think should get mauled, appeared and told me I was texting wrong and that I wasn't good at anything. I threw down my cellphone out of anger, the leaped at this horrible creature (very orc like) and then I woke up.

"Scary monsters, super freaks, keep me running, running scared..." (David Bowie)

Happy Halloween!!!


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