Monday, May 01, 2006

The Halting Grundle Train

Blah, blah, I haven't posted for a while... blah, blah, blah.

So now that that's over with, things are going great! Katelyn was the happiest I have ever seen her before I left for Boston. I really think she is working hard to keep her stress and anger levels to a minimum. I know she hates taking out her frustration on me with lots of verbal abuse, but she is a kind soul at heart.

I turned in my final project for architecture, and just let me say that the other kids look like aspiring Frank Lloyd Wrights. My project had no presentational value by itself, but I made up for it with a great building design and speedy resolve. My computer model and animation impressed everyone, and so did my lone tree on my model ha ha. At least I made it through my first year at The Rock, and it only gets harder from here.

The only uneasy part of my life right now is the thought of sir Nick. I can't help but feel he is falling into shadow, exactly what Galadriel warned us about. I'm trying to write a story, to express how I feel about him leaving and his recent events, but I can't really think of anything. Every time I try to write a story or song about how I feel I scrap the whole thing because I think it's ridiculously stupid and I shouldn't worry about these things. Maybe I will try again, but it's hard to write something great when your writing partner isn't around. I just take what other people do to heart, and feel that it is partly my fault if anything bad happens. I guess I still take too much responsibility onto myself... And there is still Nick's birthday, which I am running extremely late.

Oh yeah, and Kalen got an '06 Trek 1500 WSD! Let's ride to the ends of the universe <3


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