Monday, December 05, 2005

Lonely in Boston

When I first started this blog I thought it would be really easy to keep updated, but it seems that it continuously slips my mind. I don't even know who reads this stuff. It may be a good reflection of the past someday when I am looking back upon my life deciding if it was good or not. Right now I would say good he he, well better than good... Superb.

There is lots and lots of work I have to get finished, but I shall talk of other important things because this is such a boring and overtalked about subject.

As I sit here writing and listening to The Who I find myself somewhat sad. I'm not really sure why, maybe it's because I have lots of work. Although it could also be that my girlfriend will possibly be gone next year. The subject of college seems draining on my energy. The model I have been working on has been sitting here and no matter how hard I work on it never gets done because it isn't the focus of my mind. So many things clutter my brain: college, music, wishing I was closer to home, etc. I feel like I'm walking around without a thought of work, yet I'm working all the time. So this leads to the question of, "Am I putting 100% into my work?" and the ansewer is in my opinion... No.

Bleh enough about how I feel, news update:
  1. Missy got bit in the face by a horse at her barn and had to get eight stitches. Ouch.
  2. I helped Katelyn's family get a Christmas tree (7' wide, 11' tall)
  3. Food shortage issue solved. The shelves are stacked and once again may Brad eat.
  4. Snow is still slippery and watch out when driving

This is seriously the most boring blog update ever. Someone please come to Boston and give me a +10 to hp hug because I'm dying. +1,000 to hp if it's Katelyn who gives me a hug. Well I'll try to post the events of my life tomorrow when I'm in a much better mood and have full creative power at my utmost utilization.



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