Monday, November 28, 2005


I am really tired right now and I'm supposed to be doing work ha ha ha...

Thanksgiving Day = Alright

My family went to VT for Thanksgiving. My dad and sister went skiing for the day, and I felt sick in the morning so I stayed home and cooked. About half of the food we had I made and it came out pretty good. The food wasn't very hard to cook though. I made a pumpkin pie, a cranberry fruit nut bread, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and helped with the stuffing. I also played songs on my dads twelve string while things were in the oven, I have come to realize that I'm not very good at guitar.

Harry Potter = Better than the other ones

Ok, first off, it has CG dragons that came out awesome, so the movie automatically gets bonus points. Second, its definitely one of the better books in the series. Lastly, the director didn't change things in the book that much, but did more cutting of scenes. The only thing that they changed I think if I am remebering correctly was that all of the tournament contenders fought their dragons at the same time not one after the other. I'm not sure though I read the book like three years ago.

Phil = Still awesome

I went to visit Phil and he is still rocking the... house? I don't know, but he definitely has a newly finished room in the basement, which is very green and excellent, and has been bestowed with a mighty computer of prowess. It kicks some serious grundle if you can fathom where I'm coming from. Phil is currently working on two games: Black and White II and Star Wars Galaxies. B&W II has nice graphics, god like action, and massive death capabilities... nice. Galaxies... well it's a pretty mean looking mmo with jedi, I'm in. So all in all, Phil is doing well, and is chuggin along in life like a pledge drinking a gallon of milk.

Katelyn = I love you!
Fever = 102°

Well uh, Katelyn is really sick today, which isn't much fun. I get to talk to her though like all day! I hope she feels better. (Brad casts Master Heal) Aw it didn't work. Oh well, Kalen if your reading this take your echinacea and vitamin C!!!

As for right now, I must depart and continue my loads of college work... AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!


At 9:16 PM, Blogger Neeeee said...

Sorry I didn't see you when you came up. I meant to, but I was busy with many things, including my car getting pwned with a flat.


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