Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Back at school...

Winter break is over... sad.

I'm really tired so I'm going to sum up my break in a completely unoriginal list format.

1. Christmas!!! This was a fun year, for the first time ever I went to a huge Christmas Eve party. It was a lot of fun and oh so many chicken tenders... Presents worth mentioning: Anti-Monkey Butt Powder, Wish You Were Here cycling jersey, new components for my bike (another project...), lots of candy, and sex dungeon clothes!!!

2. Katelyn Bashing her knee into her face at gymnastics... This was really hard all vacation because everywhere we went people gave me the "I hate woman beaters" look. I might as well have worn a sign that said "I did it!" because that is what everyone assumed.

3. "Kong size your whopper" So this was posted on a Burger King sign up in Claremont, NH and it brought much needed joy and laughter at the time. This is definitely the most memorable line from my entire winter break. Katelyn's Face - 0, Brad - 1

4. King Kong Lots and lots of staring. I had no idea that a enormous gorilla and a woman could stare at each other so much in a successful film. All in all, Gorilla battles Dinosaurs, planes, people, cloriform (he lost that one big time). B-

5. Image Ability Inc. Well lets see, 1,000 buttons, 120 T-Shirts, 13 wall displays at the new Londonderry Town Hall, Tons of weeding, 20 penny booth displays, 8 ad posters for a hospital, One 40 ft banner repair, 20 or so rotton clap boards, and lots and lots of trash. It was a busy month. Steve also took the time to point out a lot of architectural design when he could, which was really helpful. This summer he invited me to go with him to tour some construction on the schools

6. Uh... Nick Nick is awesome and he owned Tales of Symphonia. Cheat Commando's Rock Rock On!

7. Most memorable moment... Making Katelyn cry when she opened her Christmas present. It couldn't have worked out any better. If you want to know what it is you will have to ask me he he. I love you Kalen!

Yep so that is my vacation in a nutshell. Mortor!!! McFee you rule at gonging! Out!


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