Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Uh yeah... don't ask

Ok, so today for some reason I had a sudden urge to get a motorcycle. Not anything like a harley or a phsycho, extreme racing bike, but more like a less extreme racing bike without that front hood thing. I'm not exactly sure why, but I think I have formed my reasons.
  1. They can fit in small places which would be awesome for coming in and out of the city.
  2. Motorcycles seem easier to fix than cars. I'm not 100% sure on this one, but my dad tore one apart and rebuilt it when he was like twenty, so I don't see why I couldn't do it.
  3. Less expensive than cars, well at least new cars.
  4. They accelerate really fast, which is an awesome feeling.
  5. Kate could fit on the back, and it would be practical and fun, unless it was raining or we had to brings stuff. Ok, so maybe it's not super practical, but I would have my car just in case.

Yeah so maybe I will think about getting one (MV Agusta!), although if I had the choice I would take a GTI any day over a bike.

So have you ever thought what might happen if Nick got into a fight with George Harrison? I gave this topic a lot of thought today. I feel that George would be more like a persuasive type that plays music to try and get Nick to submit to him. Either that or melee Nick with his massive Epiphone Casino. Well here is how I think it would go...

Nick, taking an afternoon walk, noticed some rustling in the bushes beside him. Only one thought crossed his mind, it was a man behind that rustling bush and his name was George Harrison. Quickly Nick did a backflip as a peculiarly sharpened guitar came slicing horrizontally.

"It is time George Harrison!", Nick bellowed

"I don't know why....... Nobody told you, how to unfold your love!", sang George.

"You will not bring me to the dark side, I have...", as Nick reached into his pocket he realized that he didn't have anything to protect him but his wisdom and cunning.

George lunged for the melee and Nick felt utter doom upon him, but suddenly out of nowhere came Brad driving a tourbus with David Bowie on top singing Ziggy Stardust. George covered his ears in pain.

"Grab his guitar Nick! It's the source of his power!", ordered Brad.

Nick grabbed the Casino right from George Harrison's hands, raised it above his head, and stabbed him right through the heart with the headstock. George let out a single tear and looked up at Nick.

"Nick you may have won the Battle, and the war, but you will never beat the Beatles because we are awesome and will stand for all time.", he whispered as he caughed up blood, and then went limp only held up by the neck of his own guitar.

Yeah so in the end I guess no one wins, although Nick and I would get to chill with David Bowie so... I guess it works out. I'm sure George would have much rather dueled Nick to the death than have died the way he did.

Go Beatles, you Rock!!!


At 5:30 PM, Blogger Neeeee said...

Yeah, I would probably do something like leave my lightsaber at home. I'm the forgetful sort, as you know.

I miss randomly making stories and sharing them with you. Perhaps I'll try and be creative again.

Miss ya Brad.


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