Monday, July 31, 2006

Grundle Train back in Full

I'm back!!! Not like it matters that much to anyone lol.

But anyways, the emotional stuff. I'm kind of bummed this summer because It's kind of a repeat of last summer. Not the nasty battles and ugly drama. I'm talking about having great plans for the summer, and then not doing any of them. Like my bike. I want to shred up the town on that thing and get schooled by Matt everyday so we can destroy the racing field next fall, but both of us work our butts off trying to save for school. Seldom do I get to see Matt or anyone else. I have only been to two halos (although I'm told thats all of them) and thats it. I saw Sean at when I went to return a movie, so I just hung out for like two hours because I didn't want to go home. I really miss all those great times we all used to have.

Emotional stuff v.2 Ok so there is another thing. Kenlyn. She worries/stresses me so much. First off she calls me all the time, which I don't mind because she is a friend. But then she always asks me about mike and I and it's kind of akward. I mean, Mike is actually talking to me now, but we aren't buddy buddy anymore. I'm not sure what is true, but supposedly her and Mike are spending lots of time together. I don't want to bash Mike, but I don't think he is a very good influence on people. However my fear is more for Matt. I really don't want him to get hurt or have his feelings crushed into little bits. He seems so depressed all the time. Maybe this whole thing is just rumors, and I hope very much that it is...

So despite being bummed about all the fun stuff I have been missing, I have got a lot of stuff done this summer. Yesterday I built a huge bridge on Justin's trail with my Dad and Ogre. It was awesome. We put in a 9-1/2 hour day, and the finished bridge looked like it belongs there. There were definitely some moments that Justin fell to his knees laughing at I'm sure.
Three guys in the middle of the woods with chainsaws equals bad decisions.

Um... what else. I'm going to see the Goo Goo Dolls tomorrow. It should be sweet. Also this summer I saw Dave Mathews with Sheryl Crow, and then two days later Sheryl Crow. She really does play a mean Rock n' Roll. At the end of the month I'm seeing Better than Ezra, and then Jeff Beck. I can't wait for Jeff. He has powers only few can fathom. Mike knows what I'm talking about.

Well, thats summary of the summer so far. I hope everyone is well and having good times. Nick... I'm buying you a present soon, I just need to save enough credits. Oh, and to the French: Yes, it is possible that an American can be better than you.


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